Back to life, back to reality

It’s been a few days now since the transfer window has closed and the Twitter fume seems to have calmed down and we can all assess our individual clubs with a degree of rationalisation.

Thousands of Liverpool fans took social media over the past few months to express their need and love for a certain centre back. Somehow by directly tweeting the owners FSG and CEO Peter Moore, who I might add has no role in player transfers, particular members of the public thought that would lead to the signing of Virgil Van Dijk.

Now I’ve only met Peter Moore once briefly, but I’m fairly confident that by receiving an expletive tweet from someone called Alan who lives in Birkenhead and has a profile picture of their favourite player would be the least of his worries. That was just a made up example but you get my point.

Social media can be the nicest place at times, a place of escape, a community, a place where you can share your thoughts with people who you share a common interest.

It can also be a narcissistic whole of death in which people vent their spline and define winning an argument by sticking caps lock for the full character length.

The truth is you can’t win an argument on Twitter and very rarely can you have a sensible, mature debate with someone.

Much of Liverpool’s transfer window was over shadowed by this and at times became unbearable.

Now not securing the signature of Virgil Van Dijk leads me to understand why fans became so frustrated. Every fan knew we needed a centre back, other fans knew it too! Going into the rest of the season with Joel Matip, Dejan Lovren, Ragnar Klavan and Joe Gomez with several competitions to play for isn’t ideal. Ok not ideal is an understatement, if Bambi was ever made into a play or pantomime Lovren would be a perfect applicant. And he isn’t the only culprit to make a mistake in that Liverpool back line. Its an obvious weakness and opposition teams will always look to exploit it when they aren’t worrying about Liverpool’s front line.

Im neither an FSG in or FSG out, my backside is well and truly parked on the fence but I see and hear people screaming for their resignation or for some multi billionaire owner to buy them out. Thats not how life works never mind football.

Yes ok Manchester City and Chelsea are very fortunate to have owners that will spend £50m on the likes of John Stones. But does spending more and more money really mean that is the way forward? Where is the fun in buying players willy nilly and not working hard for success.

Look at Spurs, hardly ever spend a penny and players are just about on minimum wage as far a the Premier League is concerned but they battle, they fight, they work together as a group in order achieve their targets. I know they haven’t won the league but they have come a lot closer than teams that spend £200+ a season to try and ‘buy’ success.

Liverpool haven’t bought Virgil Van Dijk and there is nothing that can be done about it now. Be annoyed, be frustrated but don’t bring that vibe to match day. At the end of the day we all support the badge on the front not the name on the back. Players, staff, owners and fans are all in this together. We support Liverpool because we love football. I don’t support Liverpool because I support the transfer window, that would be mental.

Klopp’s objective was to turn doubters into believers and in the odd case he turned Alberto Moreno into a footballer, but thats a whole other article. Liverpool have had a great start to this season, they haven’t lost a single and have progressed into the group stages of the Champions League for the first time in years.

I for one am entirely grateful the transfer window has closed and we can all concentrate on doing what we love most, watching football.



Ross Chandley

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