Kick It Out ask Premier League club to stop singing ‘racist chant’

Within football many fans sing songs that reflect their feelings towards their players and within the Premier League it’s no exception. There have been some absolute blinders in the past including the ever present song that Wigan fans created for striker Will Grigg.


However there may have been a case of some fans taking those songs over the edge of what is acceptable. Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out has contacted Manchester United to ask them to stop the club’s fans singing a “racist” chant about Romelu Lukaku.


The alleged ‘racist’ chant features United fans singing about the length of Lukaku’s penis which reflects a certain stereotype. It says the lyrics, about the size of the 24-year-old striker’s penis, are “offensive and discriminatory”.

“Racist stereotypes are never acceptable, irrespective of any intention to show support for a player,” said Kick It Out.


“We have contacted Manchester United regarding the issue and will be working closely with them and the Football Association to ensure that it is addressed swiftly,” said a Kick It Out spokesperson.


Now, I’m not sure whether the Old Trafford faithful were meant in any racist way and i honestly thought it was just a joke towards Lukaku being an absolute unit. But if that song is racist then surely there are plenty of others that should’ve been singled out aswell such as another United one about JI Sung Park and Liverpools toward Luis Garcia.


Do you think the song is racist and should be stopped? or are people over reacting too much? Let us know in the comments section below…


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