Why has the Carabao Cup got such a bad reputation?

Last season Manchester United won the ten name EFL Cup thanks to a header from Zlatan Ibrahimovic which ultimately turned their season around. United loved that win and it seemed that the love for the League Cup was back as something that the big teams even wanted to win.


This season the cup has changed it’s name to the Carabao Cup following a deal the EFL struck with a Thai energy drinks company. The move was seen by many as an attempt to take the competition into Asia in an effort to gain more brand exposure in that part of the world.


In turn, this led to the first draw being drawn live on Facebook and the second round draw being broadcast in a different country much to the frustration of British fans. The first round draw which was drawn live on Facebook was a complete and utter farce. The draw was the launch of the cups association with Carabao and it started with no sound and then when the sound was returned the picture went dead with no explanation. To top it all off Charlton were drawn twice in the same draw in what has to be the worst brand launch draw in history.


If the first round draw wasn’t bad enough the third round draw was conducted in China at 4:15 AM BST meaning that most British fans were asleep at the time the draw was made. Surely they have just alienated themselves for the fans at home who follow their teams in the competition.


On top of this, the big teams are seeing this competition as a burden and something that they have no desire to win. Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino says to prioritise the EFL Cup or FA Cup over the Premier League or Champions League would be a “big mistake”. Pochettino stated that he has no interest in the Carabao Cup and that he would much rather focus on The Premier League and Champions League competitions. Big clubs tend to play young sides in the competition so why would their fans spend their hard earned money to go to these games?

So with all these issues surrounding the competition does anybody want it anymore?


Is the Carabao Cup everything that is wrong in football? Would you like your team to win it? Let us know in the comments section below…


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