Is Harry Kane World Class?

The term world class in recent times has been thrown around in the footballing world far too easily, with a player having ten good matches and suddenly is being hailed as one of the all-time greats! But with Tottenham Hotspur’s main man Harry Kane, ‘world class’ can begin to be considered.

The Englishman established himself into the first team at Spurs in 2014/15, racking up an impressive 21 goals in 34 appearances. The Chingford raised 24-year-old went from strength to strength by scoring a total of 54 goals in the following two seasons in the Premier League alone. The man is destined for greatness and considering his modest age, the sky is truly the limit for Mr Kane.

However, to give someone that so-called ‘world class’ status, for me, is something that should not be handed out lightly. Although I have no doubt Kane will get there I don’t believe he has done enough from a silverware point of view to be bunched with the elite forwards such as Luis Suarez, Robert Lewandowski and Sergio Aguero. People may believe Kane has surpassed some of these high-calibre names, but the thing that sets them above him is they can all look back at their careers’ so far and have trophies and winner’s medals to show for it, and this reason alone gives you a strong insight into the assessment of Harry Kane’s pursuit of a world-class status.  

Once Kane begins to win trophies nobody can deny him the right to belong in that top bracket as his footballing ability on and off the ball is second to none. But top players win top competitions, and Harry Kane is yet to win a single bit of silverware which is the only bit of the jigsaw he needs to tick every box regarding that ‘world-class’ status.

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