Which Premier League club has the “best fans?”

How do you rank a club and its fans? Is it through atmosphere, loyalty, quantity, season ticket sales? It’s all opinion based. However, facts can certainly point in the direction of fans of certain Premier League clubs being “the best.”

Massive clubs with huge quantity of fans, such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City have the problem of having so many fans worldwide and being a “tourist club” resulting in fewer local fans turning up for games and therefore, atmospheres at top clubs’ matches deteriorate, while growing clubs down the bottom end of the table are growing their status and therefore their atmosphere.

Most of the Premier League clubs are able to fill out their stadium week in, week out. Some are unable to outside of the glorious Premier League, such as Burnley had averagely approximately 5,000 empty seats when the Clarets won the Championship in 2015/16, however, once they had made the big time, were filling out all the time.

However, of all clubs, arguably in Premier League history, the name that automatically springs to mind, the fans that debatably puts the greatest argument forward as to being “best” is the Toon Army of Newcastle United. In 2016/17, while in the Championship, only four Premier League teams sold more tickets than the Geordies. St James’ Park was also voted the 3rd best atmosphere in the country in an independent survey. The ground sells out every week, as does the Toon’s away support each matchday. They certainly do have a strong case. But of course there are other clubs putting strong arguments forward: Leicester City and the intense atmosphere at the King Power, Liverpool with their Kopites, the Selhurst Park flags, the list goes on. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below on who you think the best fans in the best league are.

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