Three reasons why Bolton should stick with Parkinson

As september has ended the footballing community has been able to gain a sense of how teams will fair this season in terms of league position. One team that has certainly fallen below expectations so far this season is newly promoted Bolton Wanderers.


Bolton used to be a Premier League regular until financial dismay saw them slip through the leagues and in may 2016 Bolton were relegated from the Championship into League One. They only stayed there for one season and now they are back in the Championship.


Things haven’t gone to plan for Phil Parkinson this season as the club sit at the bottom of the Championships table having accumulated just two points. Pressure has no doubt been building on the manager but we have come up with three points on why Bolton should stick with Phil Parkinson.


1. It’s not really his fault

Bolton have been on the rise recently but the clubs finances haven’t been up to scratch and the club hasn’t had the funds to back their manager. Even if they had the funds Bolton have been under a transfer embargo due to the club going into administration so Parkinson hasn’t been able to bring any players in after moving up a league, a hard task for any manager.


2. Stability

At a time when Bolton are just starting to find their feet again and there next movements will be crucial in terms of where they finish at the end of the season. Bolton can not afford to take a gamble that could go wrong and sticking by Parkinson and backing him in the January Transfer window could turn their fortunes around without costing them the money to terminate his contract.


3. He’s a proven manager 

Parkinson had a great season with Bolton last season and he was the mastermind behind Bradford’s run to the Capital One Cup final in which they lost out against Swansea. Nethertheless it was a sensational run that brought him nationwide acclaim. Parkinson if he is given some funds can turn Bolton into a winning team and we feel he should be given at least a transfer window.


Do you think Parkinson should be given time? Let us know in the comments section below…


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