3 Reasons Why Philippe Coutinho Should Remain A Liverpool Player

In the summer Liverpool’s maestro Philippe Coutinho was heavily linked with a £113m move to Spanish giants Barcelona and although an agreement was not reached between the two clubs, that did not stop the on-going saga from continuing beyond the transfer window with reports now suggesting big spenders Paris Saint Germain are also interested in getting the Brazilian’s signature. However, Liverpool fought tooth and nail to keep hold of their most prized asset and this intention will remain the same for as long as possible. Although a big money move to another huge European club can be mouth-watering for any player, here are three reasons as to why Coutinho should stay at the Merseyside club:

He will remain the main man

After Liverpool rejected a total of three bids for their number 10, it clearly represented how much they value their attacking midfielder, which showed how much he is idolised by the club and with this comes the sense he is Liverpool’s main star; an attribute that can mean more to players than most people may think. If he were to choose a move to PSG or Barcelona, he is inevitably going to be overshadowed by the likes of Neymar and Lionel Messi and for some top players, playing second fiddle is not something they want to be doing (just ask Edinson Cavani!). if he were to remain a Red, that sense of being the go-to guy will never fade away.

The Premier League

The hectic and wild English Premier League- there is simply nothing quite like it. No match-day is ever easy, whether that be a trip to Stamford Bridge or the Falmer Stadium, a Premier League fixture will never be a simple process. For agile players such as Coutinho the English league is something that creative midfielders thrive on, allowing players such as himself to evolve each week through intense and frequent competition. If he were to switch to Ligue 1 for instance, he may find the constant competition which develops his game, hard to come by as some matches can be more straightforward. Although he could potentially go on to play alongside the world’s top talents, the contest that is the Premier League will not be matched by any other division in Europe.

Jurgen Klopp

Although he has been under recent criticism as results have not be going his way, one thing that has remained the same, is Jurgen Klopp’s fantastic relationship with his players. Although he has a dynamic playing style consisting of high, intense pressure and fast-paced breaks from defensive areas, the way Klopp motivates and keep players on board are the attributes that makes him most attractive to play under from a player perspective. If Coutinho were to peruse a move away from Liverpool, he would also be leaving behind one of Europe’s finest managers which is an experience some players can only dream of, and no matter where he ends up, he will never quite find a manager as diverse and as connected to his players as Jurgen Klopp.

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