3 Reasons Why Danny Rose Should Join Manchester United

Tottenham left-back Danny Rose is the nation’s best regarding that position, but has become a frustrated figure at the north London club due to an injury sustained in January keeping him on the side-lines. When a player of this quality is not 100% happy at a club, other teams will be on red alert, with four teams now being linked to Rose according to the Daily Star (http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/652319/Danny-Rose-next-club-odds-Man-Utd-Tottenham-Premier-League-sportgalleries) with one of the sides being Manchester United. Here are three reasons as to why Rose should choose Old Trafford as his next destination;


Rose was a part of an interview in which the player stated he is worth more than the £65,000-a-week salary Spurs are paying him and with a switch to the super-wealthy United, his salary would be doubled. Money has become the stem of football with many players basing so much on income when deciding which team to play for. When a team easily capable of doubling your current salary come looking, it is hard to hide.

United’s desperation for a new left-back-

In 2014 United signed Luke Shaw for £27m, but questions over his fitness after a lengthy injury has made him an outcast in Manchester, and with make-shift players such as Young, Darmian and Blind playing left-back, there is certainly a huge spot for Rose to make his, and both parties would complement each other well as United have not had a strong, consistent left-back since Patrice Evra.


At 27, it comes as no surprise Rose may be looking for a way out of Spurs as the side, although playing some fantastic football, are yet to win any silverware for nine years. Although United have not been at their sparkling best of yester-year they still manage to win trophies with them successful in the Europa League and EFL Cup last season. If he were to join the team from Old Trafford, silverware will be a sure thing.

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