Manchester City – Which players flopped and cost them millions?

2008 saw the take over of Manchester City by United Arab Emirates deputy prime minister Sheikh Mansour. The man worth $34 billion (2014) injected money into the club similar to what Roman Abramovich did at Chelsea just 5 years earlier. However City’s new found wealth brought some questionable transfers. Here’s a list of big money players that’s talent got lost at MCFC.

Benjani – 2008-2011

Even though Benjani signed in the February of 08’ he’s still a disappointing signing that brought plenty of pain to many City fans eyes. His 23 appearances over 3 three years and only four goals speaks for itself. It would seem the £50,000 a week he was reportedly being paid wasn’t quite ticket to success.

Sold – Free

Jô – 2008 – 2011

Manchester City paid around £19 million for Jo, a club record at the time, what did he do for the team? To put it in simple terms, absolutely nothing. You can see why City were attracted to him with 30 goals in 53 appearances over three years at CSKA Moscow but 3 years at City only brought one goal. Plus the introduction of new record fee signing Robinho damped his chances even more so. Benjani had great potential but the Premier League wasn’t for him.

Sold – Free

Robinho – 2008 – 2010

A potentially risky choice in this list but I do believe he was a massively lost talent. The Premier Leagues record signing of the time was £32.5 million for Robinho who had been linked massively with Chelsea over the transfer window. However his impressive price tag didn’t bring much pazzazz to the formally City of Manchester Stadium. Fourteen goals in 31 appearances puts him marginally higher than the two mentioned above but yet another talented player left City pouring money down the drain.

Sold – £15 million 

Roque Santa Cruz – 2009 – 2013

Season 07/08 saw Santa Cruz score 19 goals in 31 appearances for Blackburn Rover under Mark Hughes. It was no surprise the striker followed Hughes to City for £17.5 million. A disappointing season with only three goals in 19 appearances and the introduction of Roberto Mancini saw Santa Cruz back at Blackburn on loan and eventually sold to Malaga in 2012.

Sold – Free

Jerome Boateng 2010 – 2011

Possibly a bigger slip up than Steven Gerrard. Aged 22 Boateng joined City for a fee of £10.2 million, he switched between right back and centre back but preferred the CB role. A few years after leaving City for Bayern Munich Boateng told media he left due to not liking playing RB under Mancini and better chance of playing for Germany at a German club. To me it was a massive loss as he’s gone on to become one of the best centre backs in world football proving himself each year in the Bundesliga and the Champions League. He would have been a bargain but unfortunately this talent slipped through City’s fingers.

Sold – £11.8 million

Stefan Savic – 2011 – 2012

Another centre back who went on to become something great. Savic just like Boateng lasted just one season at City and scored one cracking goal in front of the fans against Blackburn, his ownly goal for the club. He now plays for Atlético Madrid as their first choice CB and took part in thier 2016 Champions League final against rivals Real Madrid. Again another talented CB City couldn’t utilise.

Straight swap for Nastasic.

Jack Rodwell – 2012 – 2014

After a promising start through Everton FC’s youth system and first team, Rodwell seemed like a sound investment for £12 million, young, energetic and most importantly English, something all teams like to keep in line with the FA. He scored two goals all in all but his time with Manchester City was ruined due to his injuries and lack of consistency. Money lost and talent unfortunately wasted.

Sold – £10 million 

Scott Sinclair 2012 – 2015

After many seasons on loan at various clubs, Sinclair had a decent first season at Swansea scoring nineteen goals in 43 appearances. After 3 years there City offered £8 million plus add-ons. The winger spent 3 seasons at City however 2 of those seasons were spent on loan at West Brom and Aston Villa, proving how unneeded he was at club. Ding ding you’ve got it, City said goodbye to more money.

Sold – £2.5 million

Javi Garcia 2012 – 2014

Another hot prospect for Manchester City.  He cost the club £15.8 million and made an impact immediately scoring on his debut against Stoke, however after picking up an injury he was out in for several weeks. Garcia made 53 appearances for the club and picked up a winners medals for the 2013/14 Premier League winning season but many fans were still disappointed with his lack of impact on the team.

Sold – £13 million 

Matija Nastasic 2012 – 2015

An interesting signing for City, they paired Nastasic on and off with Martin Decmichelis from 2013 to 2015 as well as Vincent Kompany. He was a decent player but didn’t really make such a signinifcant effect in his 34 appearances. Looking back on it now with how well Savic is doing at Atlético Madrid, swapping him plus paying £21.3 million to Fiorentina seems ludicrous.

Sold – £10.5 million 

Maicon – 2012 – 2013

I was a fan of Maicon, we paid £3 million for him and at the time Zabaleta was his biggest rival. He wasn’t as much of a waste of money as some others on this list however he did lose a lot of fan liking when he played a few bad games for the team so he wasn’t a massive loss.

Sold – Free

Stevan Jovetic  2013 – 2016

Never liked him, he scored 8 goals over his two seasons and up against Balotelli, Dzeko and Aguero he was gonna have to be incredible to be chosen as a regular and for £23 million City fans were expecting him to deliver. Did he…obviously not. Plus the introduction of Wilfried Bony and Pellegrini dropping him from the Champions League was the final straw. Eventually it was bye bye Stevan.

Sold – £12 million

Wilfried Bony – 2015 – 2017

A £25 million FAILURE! The moment Swansea said they wanted him back I would have driven him to the Liberty Stadium myself. He scored six goals in 36 appearances which speaks for itself. Need I say no more.

Sold – £12 million

Amount paid for all 13 player = £197.17 million

Total loss by Manchester City = £110.37 million

The staggering figures above prove how many talented and bright futured players flopped over the years at Manchester City and the vast amount of money they’ve lost. However the 2017/18 squad proves how a few mistakes in 10 years can make you smarter and wiser.

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