Why is the International Break THIS Unpopular?

There is always a big countdown amongst football fans as to when the next International break is but unfortunately it is not in anticipation but rather in a somewhat form of total despair. In fact that is probably an understatement. 

So, lets go into just why this is and why it such a burden on fans’ seasons.

One factor that always pops up not only for fans but for the clubs as well and that is injuries.

It can become quite a curse for teams these days that are in crucial stages of the season and can lose a key player to injuries on international duty.

Managers are often in disputes with the managers of their players’ countries in terms of how much they can be used particularly when said players have potentially only just recovered from a recent injury.

Another reason is that there is simply nothing to look forward to.

As an English fan it is nothing short of tedious having to endure some of the football our football plays.

It gets to the point you have to wonder it really doesn’t matter who the manager is, our players just don’t turn up.

There was a time where the players we had baffled football experts as to why the football didn’t work but these days it’s quite simple…the players aren’t like they were.

So unless you fancy an early night, I’m afraid Andy Townsend analysing a 1-0 win over Costa Rica is what there is to look forward to. Even a night in the boozer you’d be unlikely to avoid it.

Similar to the last point but a lack of good football in general dampens the mood on a Saturday when we don’t have Jeff Stelling and the boys going off their loaf.

The reality is, an international friendly just doesn’t keep us on the edge of the seat and it hardly ever has.

One of the most annoying things to happen is it break up a good run that your club is on.

The worst thing is to have a good run of games unbeaten and then lose the momentum when the international break hits.

Of course there is the flip side to this that if your club is on a bad run some people often will say that it is perfect timing having the break.

Finally I think the overall factor that makes it so boring is the general match-up of teams that face each other.

Is anyone really that interested in watching England attempt to look good against San Marino or watch Slovenia stick 11 men behind the ball for us to drag out a 1-0 win or even a draw? We all know the answer.

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