Are Leeds United really investing for the future?



This season, Leeds United has seen an influx of under 23 signings join the club from overseas and domestically. 

There’s a general split in the fan base as to whether this has been a good or a bad thing with many believing that five under 23 signings to the one senior squad signing lacks ambition.

My natural feeling for this is that investing for the future is very positive and something we have not had for a long time.

The question is now starting to be raised however that is this exactly what’s happening?

The results have not been good at all this season for the Leeds United youth but I don’t tend to lose too much sleep on the basis that it is a lot of new players playing together.

A new issue has been raised today however when former player Ian Harte, who is now part of the legends club at Leeds, heavily criticised what he saw on a visit to a match this afternoon.

These were the thoughts he shared on Twitter:

I can obviously see where he’s coming from and watching the under 23 games myself, I must say it is quite frustrating hearing the coach shout out Spanish instructions.

Whilst there is a lot of Spanish players in the side let’s not forget this is still Leeds United and there are still English players in the side that must lose a sense of identity.

Ian Harte is known to be a supporter of Andrea Radrizzani and Victor Orta so for him to criticise the system they have in place would not have been done lightly.

As Harte said, Leeds are a club that are known for producing top talent so it’s a big thing to do to change up the regime as much as the club have.

The club have since had this to say:

“We believe a player or coach should be picked on talent not their passport.” Club point out that 9 of 16 players in today’s squad today were from UK/Ireland.

What do you think Leeds fans? Is this system working/going to work? Let’s have your thoughts.

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