Is refereeing in the Premier League a good enough standard?

After the controversial match between Liverpool and Tottenham, there have been calls that Premier League refereeing is not up to a good enough standard, particularly in an age where we have goal line technology, players on £450,000 per week and football being the biggest business in the world, and the Premier League, the so called “best league in the world” being at the heart of it.

Take for instance, arguably the greatest show of all time, especially if you are a football fan, Match of the Day, or indeed Soccer Saturday. How many episodes of these programmes have there been where Gary Lineker and co. haven’t criticised a refereeing or linesman’s decision, or where Matt le Tissier, Paul Merson, etc haven’t said “That is a shocking decision from the referee.”

The fact that refereeing decisions crop up every matchweek in the Premier League with many people criticising them, whether it be offside, penalties, etc. This surely is enough to show the people in charge that there needs to be investment in making sure that these constant wrong decisions are not made, while it is impossible for managers to comment on these decisions as they’re fined for criticising referees.

VAR was introduced to cancel out these decisions, but that as well has received criticism. It has been said that decisions take too long, and that it is only being used in certain matches, and it isn’t being used either in all games or none.

So whatever happens, the standard definitely needs to improve, as these decisions are becoming wrong too constantly, and referees are not being protected and football fans are felt they are cheated too often out of results, which can turn out to be crucial.

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