Kevin De Bruyne vs. Mo Salah: Who Should Win the Premier League Player of the Year?

As another Premier League season looms towards its conclusion, the debate of the season’s best player is being hotly discussed. The current favourites with the bookies seem to be, Kevin De Bruyne, Mo Salah, Harry Kane, David Silva and Sergio Aguero. The leading candidates that is causing much argument amongst fans is KDB and Salah. 

Salah and De Bruyne have had two very different seasons; Salah has been prolific in front of goal in a Liverpool team which has had its ups and downs whereas De Bruyne has been flying at the top of the Premier League with Manchester City and growing a fast reputation as one of the best passers the top flight has seen.

Kevin De Bruyne

José Mourinho certainly has a reputation for letting players go who go on to do great things and Salah and KDB just happen to be two of them. De Bruyne has gone on to do great things at City and now it looks ever closer that he will add a Premier League title to his collection.

The Belgian international, who will more than likely make a mockery of England during the world cup, has 11 goals and 18 assists this season equaling last seasons league goal tally with several games remaining.

Pep Guardiola has been “lost for words” for the attacking midfielder recently and he is at the heart of one of the best passing teams the Premier League has seen along with his teammate David Silva, very much the same way Iniesta and Xavi used to for Barcelona.

Salah has, of course, been far more prolific in front of goal, but it would be unfair to compare the goalscoring stats when you consider that De Bruyne’s main aim is not to score but to assist which he has done so an impressive 14 times in the league.

De Bruyne is not someone who has gone missing in the big games either with outstanding performances against the likes of Chelsea, Spurs and Manchester United. Even if you argue Salah has stole the headlines recently with his goals, there is no doubt that City are where they partly down to the brilliance of De Bruyne who keeps the team clicking.

Mohamed Salah 

Simply put, Salah has been nothing short of a nightmare for defenders this season. His unpredictability has meant defenders have just not been able to work him out and you tell by the look on the face of José Holebas when he was substituted on Saturday that he wanted absolutely no more part of what he was put through by the Egyptian.

The amazing thing with Salah, he could have probably stopped scoring back in January and it would have been considered a decent return of goals for a winger but they have just kept coming and coming.

Chelsea could not wait to be rid of Salah back in 2015 and eventually permanently in 2016 and have paid the price. His pace has always been there but lacked that cutting edge finish and I think Jurgen Klopp knew he was buying that pace but never that he was buying the future Premier League top scorer.

It depends on what way you look at it when it comes to who should win the player of the year award. KDB has been the heart beat of one of the best teams the Premier League has seen with some unthinkable assists and important displays and after winning the League Cup, now looks set for the Premier League title and will come up against Salah’s Liverpool in the next round of the Champions League too. But then Salah has been one of the most exciting players we have seen.

Joey Barton told TalkSport:

“Kevin de Bruyne has done things this year I’ve not seen anybody do with the ball, he’s been incredible.”

“But, can you award the Player of the Year to someone (Salah) who hasn’t won a trophy?”

We have undoubtedly been blessed with two of the Premier League’s greatest talents this season but who do you think should get the award? Let us know!

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