EFL- Football’s gift that keeps on giving

Leeds United and the English Football League really is a special kind of relationship. From deducting us a total of 25 points in a matter of months to appointing beloved, ex Leeds, CEO Shaun Harvey to its board of directors to which he is now CEO. 

Fans of other clubs will laugh off—but secretly love—the agenda that the EFL has against Leeds, as a club.

A lot of Leeds fans put this down to the poor officiating that we see week in, week out, but it has become apparent to me that this season, poor officiating is now the norm in this league. But we will get onto that.

I hardly think I need to give much explanation on the well-documented, ‘Spy gate’ incident last week.

Firstly I will give my quick, personal thoughts on the matter. I mean it is the same as most, in that it was morally wrong and could have done without it happening.

The fact of the matter is, however, whatever your moral thoughts are on it, the man was stood on a public road, on the pavement, with a clear view of Lampard’s training through a fence. Whilst I reiterate that the idea of this is ethically questionable, on what grounds could see this face serious punishment?

Well the EFL has now announced that they are investigating the matter properly. Of course, they are.

I have mentioned those two words morals and ethics; one of the reasons being the EFL absolutely love them. I mean why else would they be investigating this ethically challenging matter.

Well, it is a good job that the EFL are extremely consistent with investigating morally and ethically challenging matters isn’t it. Oh wait, they aren’t!

It is also a good job that to back up how ethically correct they are, by not allowing formerly convicted rapists to run football clubs in their organisation. Ah, they allowed that too. I’m sensing a pattern here.

In Owen Oyston’s 31-year tenure as owner of Blackpool, he has seen five promotions including reaching the Premier League. This is swiftly forgotten about due to the sour nature between him and the fans due to his off-field irregularities including a rape conviction in the 90s.

When his son, Karl, took over as chairman, the pair started suing fans for comments about the two on forums.

Owen remains owner, with no objection from the EFL and Blackpool fans continue to be run into the gutter whilst the EFL watch on and allow a convicted rapist destroy another one of England’s great clubs.

Of course, it would be better if I had more than just one example if I am really going to suggest any inconsistencies. Step up, Ken Anderson.

Ken Anderson, chairman of Bolton Wanderers, is a fine example of how the EFL’s ownership rules may as well not exist.

Where to start with this ludicrous man who has numerously not paid players and staff and most recently, still owe Norwich a six-figure fee for unpaid wages and loan fees.

His actions have forced transfer embargo’s and all sorts of other sanctions, but who does this affect? The football club and the fans. Not him.

His destructive regime has ruined Bolton’s reputation and caused PR disaster after PR disaster.

In 2005 he was disqualified from owning a company and seven other of his companies went bust.

So EFL, where is the investigation as to whether he is still ‘fit and proper’ to own a club.

We know, however, that the EFL do not listen to the fans. Furthermore, we know that they are yet to intervene when one of its historic clubs go into turmoil.

It can’t reflect well on them, from an ethical standpoint to see clubs in such detrimental states as Blackpool and Bolton.

Marcelo Bielsa came out and admitted his wrongdoing and put it down to cultural differences that he needs to adapt to. Leeds United backed this up saying they want to remind the Argentine of this.

The fact of the matter is, how can the EFL put Leeds United’s moral standpoint into question whilst they allow such detrimental issues within its organisation continue to play out. What’s more, I have not even got onto to the continuous lack of consistency from the EFL officials that are underperforming every, single week.

I might add that I am not just talking about Leeds as a bias. Every team in this league I am witnessing the same and there is no investigation or will to improve something that is becoming more blatantly obvious.

Perhaps we are overreacting to this ‘investigation’ that may well amount to absolutely nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

What I will say is that I see no ground how this could even possibly amount to a points deduction.

The point is that there is far, far too many inconsistencies that the EFL fail to investigate and never will. Whether people genuinely believe there is an agenda against Leeds or not, Leeds getting promoted would be a financial disaster for them.

It is Leeds against the rest and always has been. But you know what, sanction Leeds all you want, we will see the back of the EFL one way or another.




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