Neymar Investigated!

It was announced today that Neymar, the enigmatic star forward of Paris St Germaine, is being investigated following his incredible Social Media outburst on Instagram, after Manchester United were awarded a penalty in stoppage time in their European Champions League encounter last week

Leading the tie from the first leg at Old Trafford a week previously, PSG found themselves level on the night at the Parc Des Princes, until they conceded a contentious penalty in the 4th Minute of stoppage time, that evening.

United supporters won’t be complaining as Marcus Rashford’s, spot kick, found the net, in what could be described as Fergie time, to send United through to the quarter finals.

Neymar, who had missed both legs of the tie, wrote

“This is a disgrace, they put four people that know nothing about football in charge of looking at the replay for VAR. There is no penalty. How can it be a handball when it hits his back! Go **** yourselves!”

Quite how Neymar can arrive at this conclusion is baffling at best, when yes it might have been a contentious penalty to outsiders, the ball did strike Presnel Kimpembe on the arm, and not his back as Neymar claimed.

UEFA said…

“In accordance with the Article 31 (3) (a) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, UEFA has today announced that it has appointed an Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector to conduct an investigation regarding the comments made on social media by the Paris Saint-Germain player Neymar Junior, following the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United FC, played on 6 March 2019 in France.”

It has been an unhappy period in Paris for Neymar, amid lots of rumours he is unhappy with the way the team is playing and it has also been levelled at him that he was the reason Unai Emery left to go to Arsenal, a fact not helped by the fact that when asked about this previously, Emery has declined to answer the question directly

But, all that aside, Neymar should remember that he is a role model for thousands of fans around the world and that perhaps, just perhaps on the night, PSG fell a bit short of the high standards they have set themselves, hence their exit from the competition

Rich club they may well be, with a very good manager, it doesn’t mean that they will win every match they play

It remains to be seen what sanctions UEFA im pose on Neymar

What is certain, is that this is not the last the football world has heard on this matter.

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