PSG Suspend Adrien Rabiot!

Little has gone right for Paris Saint Germaine this week, in the wake of their Champions League exit to Manchester United last week.

First of All Neymar, took to Social Media, to say that FIFA were effectively idiots, though in much stronger language than that!

Now, Adrien Rabiot, has been suspended, by the club, for his reaction to that same defeat.

He was pictured dancing in a nightclub, following that defeat looking anything but disappointed at all with the events earlier in the evening.

Add into the bargain, that former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra had posted a video celebrating Uniteds progression to the next round, which Rabiot had liked!!… Especially not when you also happen to be the centre of transfer speculation, linking you with … Manchester United.

Hardly the sort of behaviour you would expect from a professional of one of the Worlds Top European clubs.

Now everyone asssociated with a football club has different ways of dealing with defeats, that is true, but most of the time, players, managers and supporters alike will spend time re~running events in their head to iron out what went wrong and why?

Not… Dancing in a nightclub without a care in the world.

So against that backdrop, its a fairly safe bet, to say that Rabiots days at PSG may well be numbered.

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