Juventus and their game like no other!

Just a week after a new record was set by Atletico Madrid and Barcelona ladies, yet again we have been blessed with another sell out stadium in the women’s game. On Sunday Juventus took on Fiorentina in a top of the table clash with both teams on the quest for picking up as many points as possible.

Juventus ladies broke the leagues attendance record against Fiorentina! Photo credit: Juventus.com

The record breaking game saw Juventus take on 2nd place Fiorentina at the Allianz stadium, the home to the hugely successful men’s team, with the ladies proving to be just as incredible. This was the first time the ladies had ever had the opportunity to play at the Allianz and they did so with style and class. Over 39,000 fans turned up to watch the ladies in action and created an atmosphere which will forever be one to remember.

This turnout annihilated the previous record of 14,000 at any league game in the Women’s Seria A, regardless of the fact that all tickets were free. With this in mind and my passion for business taking control, I personally feel that this was a marvellous marketing move for the team. They were able to showcase their talent to the fans, with the hope that they will return in the future to support the club, but by paying for tickets. Juventus lived up to expectations and responded to the atmosphere in the stadium by securing 3 more points to give them an even greater lead over their second place rivals.

Yet again, this is another step in the right direction for ladies football. The exposure of the game both online and offline is something very special, with it having only pure positive impacts on the way that the ladies game improves and progresses throughout time. Records keep being broken and I hope that this doesn’t end any time soon.

Perhaps the teams leagues and their strategies will cause a ripple effect all around the world and prove that ladies football is in fact, a force to be reckoned with.

It is quite amazing to see just how much women’s football is thriving at the minute and it fills me with great confidence that the World Cup will be a brilliant opportunity to showcase the beautiful women’s game.

Juventus will face 7th place Sassuolo on Wednesday 27th March at 14:00pm.

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