Spurs: Will Their New Stadium Benefit Them

Finally, after months of preparation, Spurs are going to be opening their new stadium, so that they can play their home matches there.

Built at a cost of 1billion pounds, and that you can see through the video below, showing the time lapse build.


Which in part explains why there were so many delays and hiccups with it, it finally hosted its first football match last weekend, when Spurs U18s hosted Southampton U18s.

It has been suggested that the Arsenal Clock end and Spurs new stand look eerily similar, prompting Arsenal Fans to suggest that Spurs are obsessed with Arsenal.

Either way the new stadium looks good and with the extra capacity it can now hold, this will surely benefit Spurs, who like Arsenal, are and have been for a number of years, building a squad and bringing through home grown talent.

Under the Ownership of Daniel Levy, who it is rumoured drives a very hard bargain, Spurs are now, on an equal footing, stadium wise with Man City, Arsenal and Man Utd when it comes to the numbers they will now be able to get into the stadium.

TalkSport commentator Ian Abraham, rates the new stadium as one of the best he has seen in Europe, however, while that may be true in his eyes, this will no doubt upset Arsenal Fans, who will see their impressive stadium, as being easier on the eye and with more space all around.

So will Spurs benefit from the new stadium?

The answer to that is yes in the Long run, as long as they can qualify for the champions league each year, then the extra revenue, generated means that they can invest in the right type of players for the first team squad, so that they can mount a serious challenge for the premiership title, which, right now, is just beyond them, compared to the riches held at Liverpool and Man City.

So all in all, Spurs will benefit from the new stadium ?


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