Yeovil’s struggles continue as they go into Administration

Today is a sad day for Yeovil Ladies as they are set to go into administration and have addressed the fact that they ‘recognise’ they will not be a Women’s Super League team next season.

Yeovil ladies have sadly gone into administration and face a 10 point deduction. Photo credit: BBC

The Football Association have confirmed that the bottom of the table team will have 10 points deducted from them with immediate effect. Yeovil became a full time professional club last year, however there have been multiple issues along the way. They have already made cuts to staff and have therefore realised it may be within their best interest to go back to the part-time title.

There are 5 games left for the Yeovil this season and with the deduction it will be virtually impossible to remain in the Super League as they will stand at -6 points, making them 15 points from safety. It is clear that the club have recognised the financial difficulties that they face and have had to accept the sporting sanctions which the FA have imposed upon them.

The club told BBC: “Through the commitment of the directors, others and the support of the FA, who have been able to advance next years funding to us early, the club is pleased to announce that it will compete all games this season.”

Yeovil should look forward to building itself back up in a very talented Championship division of the ladies leagues. I look forward to watching the club become strong again and hope that they get the support they need in order to help them remain the lovely club in which they are. I hate seeing news like this and this is why women’s football needs more attention and support from the world.

Do Yeovil’s side have the ability and more importantly the funding to bounce back into the Super League next season?

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