Bolton : Matches Could be Postponed

Bolton Wanderers, yes the great Bolton Wanderers, for who, Stanley Matthews plied his trade along with Nat Lofthouse, way back in the day, are now facing the very real threat that their next two championship matches could be postponed, as their very sorry saga carries on and developes into something much worse.

Ken Anderson the clubs current owner, who has the club up for sale, has been unable to pay the wages of the players and management staff, but the crisis worsened today when the EFL were informed that the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), responsible for issuing the general safety certificate at Bolton, has placed a prohibition notice preventing fans from entering the ground, with stewards and safety staff refusing to work until they are paid.

Effectively what this means is that the supporters, will not be allowed into the ground, as no one can guarantee their safety, unless the club can demonstrate that they can deliver a matchday operation.

Bolton, have lurched from one crisis to another in recent years and it was interesting to hear former manager Sam Allardyce comment recently that the problems the clu bare facing today, were very evident and looming even when he was in charge of the club year ago.

Boltons problems apparently stem from the fact that it chooses to be self sufficient in its operation, which is a good thing to try and aspire to, but the downside to it is that it doesn’t generate enough income as a stand alone model to do this, hence it is where it is.

Lets hope for Boltons sake the situation is remedied quickly.

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