Shaky times for Bury as the club fight for their survival

Not so long ago things were looking very rosy at Gigg Lane, with the Shakers in touching distance of the top spot and one game from a Wembley final, with a team playing brilliant attacking football. Who would’ve thought a month later any hopes of the title are long gone and the club were yesterday in court faced with sizeable debts that could cripple the club for many years to come.

It’s been speculated for many years that Bury were living beyond their means, big wages an expensive training ground but poor performances on the pitch have left the club in serious trouble, narrowly escaping a winding up order yesterday that will be revisited on May the 15th.

Previous owner Stewart Day- who saved the club from extinction in 2013, intended to take the club from League Two to the Championship within five years. Despite a promotion from League Two to League One in 2015, the club never even looked close to reaching the Championship. 17/18 being the ultimate low point as the club (who were expected to reach the play offs before the season began) finished rock bottom and returned to the bottom tier.

Everything was pinned on the club going up last season and it was very much a win or bust situation, not gaining promotion would’ve been a disaster financially, getting relegated will have detrimental effects on the club going forward, if the club survives that is.

To make matters even worse it has now been revealed players and staff have not been getting paid over recent months. A travesty for all involved as everyone working within the club has performed incredibly this season and continue to go above and beyond to give the club the best chance of success.

With five games left the club still have a very good chance of automatic promotion, but with all the behind the scenes issues currently going on promotion has taken a back seat. Promotion would mean having to sign a better standard of player, who’d command a higher wage, something the club may not be able to afford right now. Long term would the club be better off staying in League Two while they recover financially from the Day era? Who knows, but for many fans just having a club at all come the 15th of May will be the priority.

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