Football Rule Changes Ahead of 2019/20 Season Start 1 June

Football is set for a change in some of their rules across the world in Domestic Football which all start on June 1.

The rules have been introduced and amended by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), who are the self-described “guardian of the laws of the game.”

The new rules come into effect on Saturday 1 June, although, competitions which started before the date can opt to keep the old laws in play until the competition concludes.

We at 24/7 Football takes a closer look at which of the key rules have been altered…

Accidental handball
From next season, any goal which is scored with the arm – accidental or deliberate – will be disallowed. Similarly if an advantage is gained in the build-up to an attack by the use of an arm, a free-kick will be given, however, this doesn’t apply to defenders inside their own box.

If a defender “accidentally or deliberately” handballs inside his own area the decision will still be left to the interpretation of the match officials over accidental or deliberate use.

Goalkeepers, as things stand, are supposed to remain on their line during a spot-kick, however, this rule has been altered. The new rule says they must have one boot on the line when the ball is struck, whether this will be enforced correctly will remain to be seen.

Keepers will also not be allowed to touch the frame of the goal (e.g. make the crossbar shake) and aren’t allowed to “feign movement one way” in an attempt to bluff the taker.

From 1 June, players will be allowed to receive goal-kicks from inside the penalty area. The old rule stated that the ball couldn’t be touched by a team-mate until it left the area, but this rule makes sense.

Opposition players, however, still won’t be allowed to enter the penalty area until the ball is “live” (once the goalkeeper takes the goal-kick)

In a bid to stop time-wasting, players will now be permitted to leave the pitch at the nearest point when they are being substiuted.

This is instead of making the long journey across the pitch, taking up vital second, normally happens in the closing stages of games.

Drop balls
Instead of a drop-ball situation going forward, the match official will now give the ball back to the team who last had possession before play was halted.

Whether they will return the ball to the opponent if the situation dictates is entirely upto them, as the refree can’t enforce this.

Defensive Wall
If there or more than three defensive players in a wall at any free-kick – so more often than not, any time a shot at goal will be struck – no opposition players will be permitted to join.

The attacking side must remain at least one yard away from the wall, which will put an end to any pushing and shoving when the free-kicks are taken between the two teams.

Coin toss
Instead of just picking ends, the captain who won the coin toss will now be permitted to choose if they want to kick-off or not.

Coaches booked
This rule is already enforced in the EFL and we’ve seen it during the Championship games, head coaches/managers and their staff can now be cautioned with yellow and red cards if their behaviour deems so.

The EFL brought the rule into play at the start of the 2018-19 campaign, however, it will now be used across all of the competitions.

So there we have all the key rule changes, let us here at 24/7 Football know your thoughts on the rule changes. Are you happy with them? Are you unhappy with them?

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