Should England Play Out From The Back

Following the bad result for England in the Uefa Nations League, against Holland, where the team plotted their own downfall, through ‘playing out from the back’ which cost the team a place in the final, the debate has started.

“Should England Play out from the Back”

Looking at the match as a whole, over the 90 minutes, then extra time, England played okay, making Holland, look far better than they actually were.

However, two very poor individual decisions, cost England dear.

The first mistake was made by John Stones, who, inexplicably, with no one near him, got caught in two minds as to whether to play back to Jordan Pickford, or… play forward.

In decision cost him, when he slipped and Holland scored a goal.

The 2nd Mistake, by Ross Barkley, was very similar and led to the 3rd Goal for Holland.

In the case of Barkley, it was not the first time he has made this kind of error.

When Chelsea Played Manchester City at the Etihad, Barkley, gifted Sergio Aguero a goal, when, on the edge of the Chelsea 18 yard line, facing towards his goal, Barkley, decided to head the ball, directly to Aguero, who promptly dispatched the ball into the net.

Despite the debate, as to whether we should play out from the back or not, the debate should be more around the decision making process of individual players, when in possession of the ball.

Players are coached in 1 and 2 touch football. The 1st touch to control, the 2nd touch to distribute. This in itself, causes a problem, because unless there is forward movement, in front of the player in possession, he is forced to go backwards or sideways.

Perhaps the player in possession, might be better at going passed players, which would then test that defender out, then make a decision as to which is the best ball to give.

The effect of playing out from the back does work, and originates from abroad, way back in the fifties but highlighted and made excellent by the Ajax team from Holland, ironically enough and who were coached in this method, by an excellent coach called Vic Buckingham. This playing method was then evolved further by Rinus Michaels, and became known as.

Total Football

When England play, good football, going forward offensively and creating good chances, then there is nothing better to watch, but all to often, when there is no movement forward, then they are forced to go backwards, sometimes, right back to their own goalkeeper, which can lead to problems.

Against Holland, this was highlighted very highlighted.

So by playing out from the back, does work, as long as you are going forward and have plenty of movement and interchanging, best illustrated by FC Barcelona, then the consequences and results are devastingly effective.

So should England play out from the back?

Absolutely, because it works very well.

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