Lampard and Gerrard

Throughout the 2000’s the big debate for England Fans was can Gerrard and Lampard play together and who is the better player? Now with Lampard increasingly likely set to re-join Chelsea as manager from Derby County, Who does it seem Derby want to replace him as their manager? None other than Lampard’s rival and former England team mate. Ironic? But why and what will it mean for Derby, Chelsea and the men themselves.

Derby have a clear policy for whom they want as manager; someone young, up and coming and English, It seems getting as many England players from the 2000’s at the club as possible is also on their agenda they’ve already had Lampard as manager and Ashley Cole as a player. Now they want Gerrard as manager, it wouldn’t surprise me if owner Melvyn Morris approaches Salford City regarding the class of 92 taking over.

I can see why Derby are interested in Gerrard, He is doing a good job at Rangers and likes young talent, much the same as Lampard. However why would Gerrard leave Rangers for Derby? Gerrard currently has a great Job at Rangers, One where he is competing at European Level, has time on his hands to develop his squad knowing as long as he keeps in touch with Celtic his job is safe. This cannot be said of the Derby Job, they have a history of sacking managers at the first sign of slight trouble therefore putting the manager under massive pressure. I have huge respect for Gerrard from his playing days, for the record in my opinion he was a better player than Lampard and it would hurt me to see him at Derby, my advice to him would be to stay at Rangers.

What of Chelsea?

Lampard would be a good appointment given there transfer ban and we could finally see them giving younger players a chance. Chelsea have some fantastic younger players who have constantly been sent on loan but now with Lampard at the helm it is the perfect opportunity to play them. I would love to see Tammy Abraham, Michy Batshuayi, Charly Musonda, and Kurt Zouma given the chance to impress and given that Lampard knows Masan Mount and Fikayo Tomori from Derby I would’ve thought they would be involved to. When you add Hudson-Odi, Loftus-Cheek and Christian Pulisic to the mix this should excite Chelsea Fans.

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