Woking Manager Alan Dowson stresses the ‘club can manage if matches have to played behind closed doors’   

The Woking Manager Alan Dawson believes that the club can cope with having to play their matches behind closed doors for the foreseeable future.

Speaking to 24/7 football, Dawson said:

“If it’s got to be played behind closed doors then surely supporters can pay the normal price and watch it at home, but at this minute nobody in football has got this nailed, but whatever happens we will be ready when the time comes.”

Dawson, however, while optimistic about Woking’s future remained pessimistic regarding fellow National League clubs, he added:

“If the League starts tomorrow, I’m not so sure how many clubs in the bottom ten of the football league and top ten of our league could actually survive the football league, we certainly could.

“ I bet we are the only club in the top ten in our league and the only club in the bottom ten of the football league who haven’t got loads of debts.”

The manager was subsequently quick to praise everybody at the club and what the team has achieved this season:

“I feel the players have been the most achieving in the world. We’ve got a great football club here, how about having a crack at the football league.

“We are planning now for the future every single day from the directors to everybody else in the club from the players, myself and management, because they know that whatever happens Woking will have a future, but I’m not so sure other clubs will”.

Woking FC have had to overcome the disappointment of the National League agreeing to end the season,  having seemingly been perfectly positioned for a late play-off charge.

Despite this disappointment, Dawson ultimately stressed it was the right thing to do as he  personally experienced the challenges of COVID-19 but has since made a full recovery.

“It was at the Dagenham game that I had a bit of a cough and I thought it would be a bit of flu, but it got worse and worse with a headache starting and the sweats starting and before I knew it I walked down the stairs and I was in an ambulance and was in St. Peters hospital for oxygen, but I’m all right now and ready to crack on.”

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