Liverpool Women’s Captain makes tough decision to put football on hold

Most people in sport right now are happy just to get back performing. But for one lady footballer she has made a decision to sacrifice playing at the moment.

Liverpool Women’s captain Sophie Bradley- Auckland has decided not to return back to the Liverpool squad for the time being.

Bradley- Auckland has made the choice of helping her family run their care home back in Nottingham.

The defender, who was named the clubs player of the year last season, is also the manager of Edenhurst care home in Nottingham.

“Unfortunately, with the current situation it’s made me have to make a decision. The fact is I can’t return to Liverpool until a risk isn’t posed on the care home.” she told the clubs website.

“We have got 24 people to look after but now we have got 24 very vulnerable people because of the virus, which is spreading very quickly. The people we look after, it would be very dangerous if any of them were to catch it.

“I’m still a Red. I will be back at Liverpool but unfortunately at this moment in time it is not possible for me to come, so I think it’s very much up in the air.”

Bradley- Auckland, who has played 28 times for England, joined the Merseyside outfit in 2018.

The club were  relegated from the Women’s Super League this season after the 2019-20 season was ended earlier than expected in May.

It is certainly a very brave decision from the 30-year-old defender to put her football career on hold. A decision I am sure she didn’t take lightly.

Overall, it takes a brave person to make a preference like this. Bradley-Auckland should be praised for her choice in putting not just her family first but deciding her football career must come second.

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