Following the midweek match between Northampton and Ipswich Town, the FA have charged the referee in charge of that game Darren Drysdale with improper conduct against Ipswich Town’s Alan Judge.

In a statement, the FA said:

“Darren Drysdale has been charged with a breach of FA Rule E3 following last night’s EFL League One game between Ipswich Town FC and Northampton Town FC.”

The incident happened right at the end of the game when Judge felt that he should have had a penalty. The Referee Drysdale, however, obviously thought otherwise and awarded a free kick to Northampton Town

Admittedly, after watching the alleged foul, it is unclear if there was contact on Judge, which the player took exception to. What subsequently followed was a face- to-face confrontation between Judge and Drysdale.

It appeared that Judge felt incensed enough to say something at the referee. Whatever was said, neither party has disclosed but it prompted Drysdale to reply in an aggressive manner. Both Judge and Drysdale had to be separated and the match soon finished after the encounter.

Drysdale has since apologised, saying:

“I fully understand that it is important for us as referees to maintain our composure throughout the game and always engage with players in a professional manner.”

For his part, Judge said:

“There was no need for an apology. I wasn’t looking for one or looking for any action to be taken. In football as everybody knows stuff happens in the heat of the moment in a game. We all make mistakes and for me that is the end of this.”

It is not clear yet, whether Drysdale will officiate in any games this weekend.

Currently referees are in the spotlight more than usual with Mike Dean also the subject of some horrific social media abuse over this handling of the incident in the game he was officiating between Fulham and West Ham.

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